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Summers have arrived. It’s not even mid-May yet and mercury has already sky rocketed giving a very coarse reminder of times ahead but ball of fashion keeps rolling. That’s the thing about fashion, i’t not restricted to seasons and occasions. Style rules all year long whether the weather is chilling cold or scorching hot, style takes no break.

I am not trying to prove style/fashion more important than protecting oneself from weather swings but merely stating that style changes just as frequently as season. One doesn’t have to be a fashion slave, dressing well and weather appropriate is what separates a stylish person from fashion lunatics.

Since style is weather dependent, summer style is all about dressing down, the cliched ‘less is more’ saying doesn’t hold as true for anything as it does for summer. Summers are all about dressing comfortably while keeping the style quotient high and that by know means spending entire season in t-shirts.

Here are a few summer must-haves that comply with the weather and keeps it interesting and stylish.

Again, all these products are high street brands which are easily available at retail stores or via

I feature as many high street products on my blog as possible because fashion’s no good if not accessible and has also become a regular feature on my blog because it has brought fashion to our doorsteps, both literally and figuratively.

Enjoy the post and please do share your opinion in the comments section.


The Ultimate Summer Staple: Polo Shirt (because t-shirts are for boys not men)

My biggest pet peeve is men wearing t-shirts at formal and semi-formal gathering. T-shirts, though comfortable and handy, have a very little scope and their domain is limited to very casual settings. To me, polo shirts are the ultimate summer must-haves, they are suave and very comfortable. Polo shirts exuberate maturity, confidence and self assurance which are three most valued menswear accessories.

While there are many versions of polo shirts available in the market, from simple monotone ones to the ones with gigantic ugly logos. But I recently came across polos by this new Lahore based highstreet brand Yellow and had to share it with anyone.

In luscious colours of popsicle orange and blue, these ombre effect polo shirts is what you call ‘smart menswear’ – standout but wearable.

yellow polo


Polo Shirts by Yellow – Rs. 2195 each. Can be bought here and here. 

And polo shorts are now coming in smart geometric prints too. Say goodbye to giant logos, say hello to playful prints and colour.



Polos by Yellow. Rs. 2195 each. Can be bought via here and here. 

Shorts – Preppy Fun:

Shorts would be my other summer must-have because they are preppy and fun. And I am not talking about shorts that you wear when you go running or go to Sunday Bazaar. I am talking about shorts as a semi-formal attire specially if it’s a day time event. Whether it’s a brunch, a movie night or a simple get together between friends; wear your shorts with a pair of loafers and you are ready for comfortable yet sassy evening.

yellow shorts


All shorts by Yellow – Rs. 2195 each.
Can be bought via here.

Lace Up & Moccasins – Sockless Summers:

Whether you are wearing a polo shirt or a pair of jeans, I would strongly recommend trying the sockless loafers look for this summer. Many guys might find a bit unconventional but that’s a very current look that everyone from Ranbir Kapoor to Ryan Gosling is sporting.

A sporty pair of laceup or boat shoes is going to be your best friends this summer. To avoid sweaty feet, just put on a little talcum powder on your feet before putting on your shoes and enjoy the heatless, sockless look.

studio empali lace ups

Left – Black Leather Lace Up Moccasins by Studio Empoli – Rs. 9600. Buy here.
Middle – Dark Brown Moccasins by Studio Empoli – Rs. 9200. Buy here. 
Right -Black Leather Moccasins by Studio Empoli – Rs. 9200. Buy here.

arino boat shoes



Milled Leather Lace Up Boat Shoes by Arino Shoes – Rs. 2700. Can be bought here via

Sandals – When your feet needs a break:

When you are done with the heavy stuff, bring out the sandals. For the casual engagements when you don’t feel like dressing up is the time to break into your sandals. There are some really interesting designs in the market right now, from very playful Peshawari Chappals in varying designs and colours to gladiator style sandals that weighs so light you wont even feel you have them on.



Left – Black Casual Sandals by The Leather Craft – Rs. 1725. Can be bought here.
Right – Personal Space Black by Turk & Fillmore London – Rs. 5400. Can be bought here.




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