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Being a menswear enthusiast, I am always on the look out for brands which make trendy, out of the box products. And unfortunately, there aren’t many in Pakistan at the moment. Men are shy to experiment and accordingly brands provide them with safe but boring options so it excites me immensely whenever I come across brands that defy above stated notion but instead make products that are stylish, unconventional and have a character of their own.
The Shoe Makers & Company, commonly known as TSM & Co., is one one such brands. In a market swamped with same old boring shoes with square toes and ugly fake LV logos all over them. TSM is a breath of fresh air. What really stood out for me were how on trend there shoes are with the international market, TSM makes the kind of shoes that you see on international runways and spot menswear style icons wearing them. If my point of view sounds like an endless eulogy then have a look at their designs and see for yourself.

GI9A7231 ‘Boston’ Black Nappa Chukka Boots: GI9A7184‘Chesterfield’ Cognac Calf Burnish Brogues: GI9A7090 ‘Boston’ Beige Chukka Boots: Boston‘New York’ Genuine Patent and Suede Leather Oxford: GI9A7039 ‘Chesterfield’ Black Calf Burnish: GI9A7026 ‘Seoul’ Monkstraps: DSC_0836a

‘New Orleans’ Suede:


From double monkstraps to suede shoes and ombre brogues to evening wear footwear in patent leather, they have got it all covered. I can’t think of any other local brand that has such cool stuff and on trend menswear footwear options.

Above pictures are just a glimpse. They have so much more to offer. I highly suggest everyone to checkout their product line on TSM & Co. Facebook page. Their suede ‘New Orleans’ shoes, desert chukka suede ‘Boston’ boots and ‘Chesterfield’ brogues are my personal favourites. Stylish shoes, supreme quality and fun names; that’s all a good footwear brand ought to have. You can also buy their products on






  1. They are so effing cool!

  2. Fantastic blog. Want more.

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