Best Buy – The Shoemakers & Co. Spring/Summer 2018 Best Buy

I have always been a huge fan of Karachi based footwear brand, TSM – The Shoe Makers & Company – as I have written previously as well, here’s the LINK if you want to go through my previous testimonials.

Anyways, TSM always come up with the most fun and stylish designs and their new collection is no different and I can’t stop gushing over their new collection so here’s a collage of the best designs from the new TSM Collection. Savour your eyes!

TSM & Co.

They have so much more to offer. I highly suggest everyone to check out their product line onTSM &Co.Facebook page. Their ‘Prague’ patinas and ‘Edinburgh’loafers are my personal favourites. Stylish shoes, supreme quality and fun names; that’s all a good footwear brand ought to have. You can also buy their products onTSM e-Store

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