8 Best buys under 1000 Best Buy

*Before anyone goes all ballistic on my ass and call me a copycat, let me state it very carefully, this post is inspired by GQ’s Best under $50 feature.*

I am a huge fan of American GQ, it is one of best things to ever happen to men’s fashion. I follow it religiously and GQ’s regular feature that lists down best products to buy that cost $50 or less is one of my favourites. They do the same post for products under $100 as well.

Anyways, I felt like doing a similar piece for Pakistani market so here’s a compilation of some of the best buys under Rs. 1000 or less. From iPad cases to men’s bracelets and t-shirts to ties, this post has it all. Have a look:

All Inc. Red Genuine Leather Passport Book Cover - 900


Passport Book Cover by All Inc.

Rs. 900

Buy here at Daraz.pk

It might be just a passport cover but you can use it as a card holder or even a wallet. Coarse leather look and the delicious red colour is what makes it so stylish and it comes in an array of colour choices.Fume 750

Stoneage Rinsed ‘Made in Pakistan’ Tee

Rs. 750 (On Sale)

Buy here.

Statement tees have been a rage since forever but if there’s one statement you want to make, this is the one.
house-of-leather-Dark Brown Leather Passport Cover (Size One Size)-800

House Leather Dark Brown Passport Cover

Rs. 800

Buy here at daraz.pk

Another multi-purpose accessory – If AI Inc’s red passport cover is too much for you, this very affordable one in brown might suit your sensibilities more.ipad mini case by 9 Lines

9 Lines iPad Mini Case

Rs. 1000

Buy here on 9 Lines online store.

Definitely my favourite item in the list. Funky, youthful and peculiar. You won’t find a product like this just off the racks.

Leather Necklace with Metal Nail by Stoneage

Rs. 550

Buy here.

Sporty and rough, just the kind of accessory men should be sporting.

keyay 550

Leather Necklace with Metal Key

Rs. 550

Buy here.

mosta black - 490

Stoneage ‘Mosta’ Bow ties in navy Blue & Black

Rs. 490

Buy here.

Not everyone’s cup of tea but if you wear bow ties, these knitted ones are the best you will find in the market. I am willing to bet on that.

Stoneage ‘Rinsed’ Tee

Rs. 750

Buy here. 

Another Stoneage tee that makes a definitive statement.


Stonage Knitted Ties

Rs. 550

Buy here.

It’s the age of knitted ties and it’s ironic Stoneage is the only local brand among a plethora that’s offering menswear staple of same quality and style as international retailers/brands. grab them while they last. Must have menswear accessory.coffee - 890


Stoneage plaited canvas belts

Rs. 890

Buy here.

Ditch you sturdy leather belts with gigantic buckles in favour of these athletic canvas belts. Great for summer.



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  1. This is an amazing list! Good one for students, who are usually on a budget. And fashionable as well!

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