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Best of Menswear at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2017 The Runway

PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2017 just wrapped up in Lahore and here’s a look at some of the best menswear looks that walked down the runway over the course of 3 day extravaganza. Kokeb Alvi: HSY: Adnan Pardesy: Republic by Omar Farooq: For more updates, follow The Style Supplement on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TheStyleSupplement/

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Ok guys, so Pakistan’s premier menswear brand Amir Adnan invited a bunch of bloggers to its newly opened store at MM Alam Road, Lahore for a ‘Bloggers for Amir Adnan’ photoshoot. Featured bloggers included Momin Ali Munshi of Galaxy Lollywood, Murtaza Khan Babar of MKB Blogs, Shahwali Shayan of Dappistan and yours truly. We were asked to chose clothes from Amir Adnan’s store and style...

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Best of menswear at Fashion Pakistan Week: Winter Festive, 2015 In the Spotlight

  Fashion Pakistan Week: Winter Festive 2015 just wrapped up in Karachi and I just wanted to share a bunch of menswear looks that caught my eye. It’s mostly bridal & ‘festive wear’ but as long as it looks good. Deepak Perwani: Faraz Manan: Nauman Arfeen: Obaid Sheikh: Umar Sayeed: For more updates, follow The Style Supplement on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TheStyleSupplement/  

Trends to take home from London Collections: Men A/W 2015 In the Spotlight

(Published in Instep, The News on 25th January, 2015) Paris and Milan fashion circles may be replete with mammoth names like Gucci, Prada and Corneliani but fashion and style runs way deeper among the Brits and is not only limited to red carpet glitz and runway showmanship. The best thing about British fashion sensibility is its adaptability and street value; style is something that comes...

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Most Stylish Men of The Year – 2014 In the Spotlight

Evolution of menswear style in Pakistan hasn’t been at par with womenswear but one can take respite in the fact that it is evolving though at a more sluggish pace then one would want it to. 2014 saw emergence of some delightful red carpet fashion in menswear department. While old guns continued their commendable performance in style department, a lot of new stars got a...

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10 Best Menswear Looks of Fashion Pakistan Week A/W 2014 The Runway

Fashion Pakistan Week Autumn/Winter 2014 edition just came to a fabulous end. It was probably one of the most refined and polished fashion showcase of bi-annual event yet with all designers bringing their A-game. Best part of the fashion Week was the volume of menswear showcases which keep on increasing with every edition. This edition featured menswear pieces from not only the regulars like Deepak...

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Waist Coats – Not just for the old anymore! In the Spotlight

There used to be a time when waistcoats were considered more of a middle-aged and older men attire but gone are those days thanks to a bunch of fashion-forward menswear brands who have managed to push the trend into younger lot. More and more fashion enthusiasts are sporting the waistcoat look now and looking better than ever.

Bareeze Man shows at Amsterdam Fashion Week and has a new online store! The Runway

Bareeze Man was the surprise package of PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week and one of the best things to happen to menswear in Pakistan in recent years. The brand is sailing steadily and has made quite a few headways since it’s debut at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week in April this year. (Read more here)   It just showed a collection at Amsterdam Fashion Week. It was a...

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Shoe Galore at London Collections:Men Spring/Summer 2015 The Runway

  I love the British fashion industry. They are creative, they take business seriously, they respect the established and nourish the newbies. Infact, no industry encourages and nourishes the young designer lot and infant brands as much as British fashion industry does specially British Fashion Council. And their London Collections: Men initiative churn out one amazing collection after another every season and Spring/Summer 2015 season...

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Today I am Wearing – Ombre’ Effect Polo by Yellow In the Spotlight

I have been contemplating over featuring my personal looks on the blog for a while. On one hand, it felt a bit too self-involved while on the other hand the thought of putting myself out there always scared me a bit. But my love for menswear fashion and style in infinite and when you are into something so deeply, it’s just the natural step to...

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