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Brands I Love – The Shoe Makers & Co. Best Buy

Being a menswear enthusiast, I am always on the look out for brands which make trendy, out of the box products. And unfortunately, there aren’t many in Pakistan at the moment. Men are shy to experiment and accordingly brands provide them with safe but boring options so it excites me immensely whenever I come across brands that defy above stated notion but instead make products...

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8 Best buys under 1000 Best Buy

*Before anyone goes all ballistic on my ass and call me a copycat, let me state it very carefully, this post is inspired by GQ’s Best under $50 feature.* I am a huge fan of American GQ, it is one of best things to ever happen to men’s fashion. I follow it religiously and GQ’s regular feature that lists down best products to buy that...

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Lust List – Summer Essentials Best Buy

Summers have arrived. It’s not even mid-May yet and mercury has already sky rocketed giving a very coarse reminder of times ahead but ball of fashion keeps rolling. That’s the thing about fashion, i’t not restricted to seasons and occasions. Style rules all year long whether the weather is chilling cold or scorching hot, style takes no break.

Lust List – Tie Edition Best Buy

I am a 9 to 5 (8-4 to be exact) corporate slave. I have to put on a tie 4 days of the week whether I like it or not. But unlike most of my colleagues, I enjoy putting on a tie. There are very few menswear staples that provide you with an opportunity to have some fun. You can experiment with colour, play with...

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Best Buy

  All fashionistas love shoes. Remember Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City? There’s just something about this accessory that you can never get enough of. Daraz.pk has just made it too accessible to indulge in my favourite guilty pleasure i.e. shoe shopping. Here’s a list of some of my favourite shoes from daraz.pk and they have got quite an enviable, lustful array of shoes...

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Lust List Best Buy

Being a fashion lover, I love shopping. Hunting for bargains, looking out for arrival of new stocks is what I do in my past time. So, I am starting this new feature on my blog where I will cover some of the best separates, accessories and one-off items that are currently on sale. You always see celebrities and general pieces wearing stylish pieces but you...

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