H&MxBalmain Collection In the Spotlight

H&MxBalmain is the talk of the town and for all the right reasons. Ever since campaign images from the collection have surfaced on internet, everyone’s been going gaga over the pieces, each and every piece is a beautiful coming together of H&M high street ethos and Balmain raw, textured jaw dropping designs. Everything’s a bit pricier than H&M’s usual price range but we all saw that coming.

As for me, if I can manage to get my hands on any of the collectible pieces from H&MxBalmain collection. I achievement will go right onto my resume as a fashion enthusiast. Here are some of my favourite pieces from the collection.

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HM-11-GQ-09Sep15_b_813x494 6105_LB_204_nw8k7g 6105_LB_205_nw8k8l 6105_LB_206_nw8kj4 6105_LB_207_nw8knc 6105_LB_208_nw8ko0 6105_LB_209_nw8kom 6105_LB_210_nw8la9 6105_LB_211_nw8lb3 6105_LB_212_nw8lbx 6105_LB_213_nw8ldc 6105_LB_214_nw8le5 6105_LB_215_nw8let 6105_LB_216_nw8lh8 6105_LB_218_nw8lj4


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