Armani Menswear comes to Pakistan In the Spotlight

With a burgeoning fashion industry, more and more local brands are opening shop across the country. However, reputed international brands have been reluctant to follow suit and their arrival hasn’t been as fast as one would expect. While some high street brands namely Mango, Nine West have opened outlets in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad, none of the the high-end European or American design houses are yet to arrive officially in Pakistan.

Well, that lull is about to be broken as Sefam brings Armani menswear to Pakistan. Just to refresh, Sefam is the same company that is behind national powerhouses such as Bareeze, Kayseria, Leisure Club, Urban Culture, Rang Ja, Minnie Minors, Bareeze Men and Chinyere to name a few. In short, they are running a complete fashion empire across the country and some of the local brands fall under their umbrella and now they are taking matters to next level by bringing in famed Italian design house to the country.


Launch of the Milanese brand will take place in Lahore and store will showcase Fall/Winter 2014 line of Armani Collezioni. Supremacy of Armani and its stronghold when it comes to menswear suiting is a secret to no one so it will be interesting to see such high quality tailoring brought to our very own Lahore and its effect on the competition.

Here are few of the images from Armani Collezioni Fall/Winter 2014 line to give you guys a preview of what will be at offer when the store launches. But it is without a doubt first and most exciting official collaboration on a scale one half of which involves a fashion giant with over $2 billion in annual revenue.

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